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The most accurate and insightful personality and talents test via your fingerprints

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Discover Your True Self

Innate, Now, Future

Discover the unique story that
belongs to you

Everyone has their own unique story. Your fingerprint is your unique imprint, which hides your personality traits, talents and potentials. Through our assessment and consulting services, reveal your talents, seize the present, and shape the future. Start your journey of self-discovery now and show your true potential and strengths.

  • Adults/Parents - 18 years old and above

  • Children - 3 months to 18 years old

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Our services are accurate and insightful, providing a complete understanding of yourself.

Fingerprint Scanning and In-depth Report Consultation

A.I process for personality test
Personality test result

Step 1
Scan fingerprints

Step 2
Instant fingerprint analysis and processing 

Step 3
Consultation and report interpretation

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing with Our Comprehensive Assessment.

The TalentsTech® assessment is a comprehensive and insightful tool that can help you understand your true self, your potential, and your life values. With just a single assessment, you can gain valuable insights into your personality traits, behaviors, thought patterns, and talent potential. This information can help you make better decisions about your career, education, and personal development. For parents, the TalentsTech® assessment can provide valuable guidance on how to help your child reach their full potential.

TalentsTech Certified Consultant

Certified Consultant

TalentsTech Accurancy

95% Analytical Accuracy

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Reasonable pricing

TalentsTech Instant Report

Instant Report

TalentsTech Consultation

1 - 1 Consultation

TalentsTech Privacy and Security

Private & Security Ensured

Personality Analysis based on fingerprint assessment

Personality Traits Analysis

Analyze your personality traits to reveal your unique strengths and opportunities, and understand your thought and behavior patterns.

Talents & Potentials based on fingerprint assessment

Talents & Potentials Analysis

Discover your talents and potential, find the best opportunities for success in different areas, and reach your goals.

Personal Growth Advice based on fingerprint assessment

Personal Growth

We offer tailored advice for various aspects of life, including communication, learning, and career. These insights are designed to foster your inner growth and awaken your potential for self-realization.

Parenting Advice based on fingerprint assessment


We offer specialized guidance to assist you and your child in forging a path of growth that's in harmony with each other. Our approach focuses on fostering your child's development in a nurturing environment.

Key Features and Applications of Our Comprehensive Assessment Reports

TalentsTech® assessment reports provide unique and in-depth insights into your personality, traits, potential, drivers, and possibilities. They help you better understand yourself and develop your full potential.

Talents Tech Assessment Report Sample

✓ Personality Traits Analysis

Personality traits analysis is a tool that can help you understand your innate personality and characteristics. Personality traits refer to the typical patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, while temperament refers to some basic traits that a person is born with. By understanding your personality traits and temperament, you can better understand yourself, make more efficient judgments, and make more suitable life decisions.

✓ Left-brain and right-brain intelligence statistics and learning styles/performance

Left-brain and right-brain intelligence statistics can help you understand your left-brain and right-brain preferences and ability distribution. Learning style/performance refers to the ability and effectiveness of quickly and effectively learning and retaining information. This ability is important because it can help individuals acquire new knowledge and skills, and adapt to new situations and challenges.

✓ Multi-Intelligence Index

By converting the mean array of fingerprint analysis into a format of multiple intelligences, we can better understand and perceive our multiple intelligences in a measurable way, and combine them with learning, career and life. This integrated application can enable us to fully exploit our potential in various fields and gain a greater sense of achievement and value.

✓ Career Profile and Guidance

By analyzing the individual strengths in the evaluation report, the career profile and guide can help individuals understand their potential and outstanding advantages in different intelligence fields. Individuals can clearly understand their career development direction, make reasonable plans for learning and development, and achieve high achievements and satisfaction in their careers.

✓ Strengths Reinforcement and Cultivation Suggestions

Suggestions are specific guidance for personal learning and career development. Based on the individual's unique strengths and potential, personalized suggestions are given in all aspects of life planning, helping you to more efficiently develop coping strategies and continuous development plans.

Contact Us: Let's Explore Your Innate Personality, Embrace the Present Moment, and Look to the Future.


Exploring Personality and Potential Through Science and Technology

A century ago, Harold Cummins, a professor at Tulane University, pioneered a new field of science called dermatoglyphics. His research found that our fingerprints are deeply connected to our physical anthropology and personality traits. Since then, many scientists and experts have continued to delve into fingerprints, gradually revealing their secrets.

Since 2015, TalentsTech® has been focusing on the strategic application and interpretation of fingerprint science, backed by artificial intelligence's structural and recognition analysis technology. We work closely with the A.I.P.O.C framework, which was independently designed and developed by TalentsTech®, to comprehensively interpret people's personality traits, behavioral performance, communication style, and learning patterns. The A.I.P.O.C framework is a synthesis of modern science, dermatoglyphics theory, psychology, morphology, and statistics, and it also integrates the understanding of human biological innate and acquired factors. The framework focuses on five core elements: attributes and natural expression, interaction and response, intention and direction, programming and regulation, and core learning and opportunities.

Our services aim to help clients deeply understand themselves, reveal potential, strengths, and personality traits. We provide accurate feedback to clients through sophisticated report interpretation, helping them to make more conscious choices and decisions in life, and guide them on the inner path of life that they yearn for and desire.

TalentsTech A.I Process
TalentsTech A.I Process
TalentsTech A.I Process

Current Version@2023 TalentsTech v11 - A.I.P.O.C v2

Testimonials: Change Starts with You, Inspiration Starts with Helping Others

At TalentsTech®, we are passionate about what we do, and we believe that by helping others, we can make the change we want to see in the world. Here, you will see how our services have profoundly impacted and changed the lives of our clients. These real-life feedback and stories come from a variety of backgrounds, including students, professionals, parents, and educators, whose experiences vividly illustrate the tangible impact of our services and highlight how we empower individuals to grow and develop through professional assessments.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Yee Mey reviewed Talents Tech   

We were like many parent whom still thinking should proceed with consultation? If you are still in consideration, please proceed consultation soonest as it is definetely help in progress your children.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Tiffany Teo reviewed Talents Tech   

The analysts is very professional and knowledgeable. With their guidance, I understand my children more and how to put them in the right shoe to improve their learning.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Andrew Wong reviewed Talents Tech   

Thank you Richard, Jess and all the wonderful & friendly staffs there. The analysis report really help us as parents to understand more about our children in terms of their personal characters, strengths and weaknesses.

This analysis will be the guidelines for us to follow in order to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Really highly recommended to all parents. Through the consultation, this analysis report is also suitable for adults who want to understand themselves better. Remark: I like the office environment and the small games that they let us play. That is how we have spent more than 3 hours in their office.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Jz Kuen reviewed Talents Tech 

谢谢talents tech, 可以让身为父母的我们更加了解孩子的天赋和需要加强的方面,越早的纠正才是对他们越好,同时也让我们知道怎样的相处方式才是孩子们最适合的。工作人员全部都很NICE,解释的很清楚,赞

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Yen Yee reviewed Talents Tech 

感谢Talents Tech详细的解释让我更清楚了解孩子的个性及天赋,让我知道未来的日子该如何引导孩子向前。

Frequently Asked Questions

We transform curiosity into infinite possibilities

  • What is coaching?
    International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” We all have goals we want to achieve, challenges we strive to overcome and times we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, set you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillments. Discover the power of coaching and the difference it brings. Coaching is about partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that will empower and inspire you to grow, to change and to realize your life purposes.
  • Why do I need coaching?
    Coaching is particularly effective and often produces desired results when you are feeling stuck and seeking to uncover or re-discover possibilities in living life the way you want. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. Generally, people engage professional coaches to get supports on topics in these areas: - Overcome challenging life situations - Explore potentials and possibilities - Careers advancement and paths developments - Improve personal or professional relationships - Explore dreams, life purposes and inner peace - Work life balance - Enhance communication & self-confidence - To improve other aspects in life to achieve greater fulfillments
  • How will you help me to achieve my goals?
    Our coaches are professionally trained to help individuals with effective personal and professional transformation. Coaching enables clients to be aware of their choices, make better decisions, take action, and ultimately use their unique strengths to achieve better results. In our coaching practice, we apply professional coaching principles and techniques that have been proven to welcome transformations. We aim to help clients to gain clarity and self acceptance, to understand and embrace your true self, and to achieve your desired goals. Life coaches are here to motivate, uplift, and help you find what you’re looking for by asking key questions that prompt you to delve into your own mind and heart for answers. We provide guidance, but don’t take control because you are the only one who can make lasting changes in your life. You are, and should always be, in control of your own life. Professional Life Coaches do not: * Tell or command you what to do with your life * Aggressively push you into action * Predict the rest of your life or tell you what’s going to happen next * Force you to diet or exercise * Prescribe anti-depressants or provide psychotherapy
  • What is the coaching process like?
    Coaching is not offering a one-size-fits-all product. If we haven’t met before or you are wondering if we will click, we offer a 30minutes On Boarding Session - The Free Discovery Session (Zoom/In person for 30 mins) for you to have a taste of coaching, that focuses on understanding yourself and creating self awareness. Many of our clients take this opportunity to figure out their needs and to experience if they are comfortable partnering with us in the next couple of sessions. Once a professional coaching-client relationship is established, together we will work on topics or areas that you would like to focus on, and define your desired outcomes for the coaching period. In each coaching session and through the designing actions, you will begin to gain insights, clarity, and experience transformation. Many of our clients choose to continue on coaching and engage into more sessions because of the empowerment they received.
  • How much does a coaching session cost?
    The fee of a coaching plan or package varies greatly depending on the complexity of topics and the transformation you are aiming for. The fee is typically on an hourly basis (RM480-RM580). Find out more about our coaching programs and packages from our website, or schedule to talk to us.
  • I have more questions
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