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Unwrapping your uniqueness: What is My Gift?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

When we think about gifts, we often think of them as something that is given to us freely, without any expectation of receiving something in return. However, sometimes the gifts that we receive may not be exactly what we were hoping for or expecting (Check out for the conditioning). And even when we have the opportunity to ask for a specific gift, we may not know exactly what it is that we want or need.|

Gift exchange is predominantly used to express affection and appreciation for others, but in this context, the receiver is ourselves. Taking a metaphor of receiving a gift, unwrapping your gifts means discovering and fully embracing your uniqueness.
Unwrapping your uniqueness: What is My Gift?

This raises the question: what have been your gifts all along, or are you on the path to discovering it? We all have unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Whether you are just starting out on this journey of self-discovery or you have been exploring your gifts for some time, it's never too late.

I remember a client I had five years ago who asked me a series of questions during our consultation. Clients wanted to know if their gift was truly a gift, and if it was good enough to bring them success. This is a common question that many clients have asked me in one form or another. Here are some of questions being asked:

  • What am I naturally good at?

  • What is my special talents or abilities?

  • What do others appreciate about me?

  • What am I passionate about?

  • What do I feel called to do?

  • What makes me feel most alive or excited?

  • What is best job for me?

  • What was it that I loved doing?

Unwrapping your uniqueness: What is my gift?

By now, you may have had thoughts about wanting to know more about your gifts, or you may simply feel relevant to the above questions as they arise frequently. Before we go any further, let us discuss about the key question - ‘What is a gift?’ in our view.

Gifts are the natural and innate sense or expression of abilities and qualities that each of us possesses. Unlike talents, a gift is not specific to a specific skill or ability; rather, a gift is a source of excellence or particular aptitude that may be subtle or hidden. A talents could be formed by a number of gifts.

Is your talent a shining light, or a buried grain of sand? - Jus Lim

We all have unique gifts, talents, and abilities that make us who we are. However, it's common for these gifts to be questioned or even suppressed due to our conditioning. The following 4 types of conditioning are being observed.

  • Social / Community conditioning (Collective beliefs, values, and principles that are held by the society in which we live) We may be told that certain careers or interests are not worthy or prestigious, or that we should conform to certain gender roles or expectations.

  • Academic conditioning (We are structured to learn and use what we have learned in an academic setting) Education can certainly be valuable and enriching, it can also limit our understanding and exploration of our own gifts and passions if we are only exposed to certain areas of study.

  • Traditional conditioning (Elements of culture that are inherent in us in a certain way preserving a unique sense of connectedness) Traditions can be meaningful and enriching, they can also serve to limit our understanding and expression of our unique gifts if they do not align with.

  • Trend conditioning (Shifting tastes and expectations of achievement in terms of what it means to embrace our gifts and passions) Trend can lead us to prioritise certain gifts and passions over others, and to prioritize external markers of success over our own sense of fulfilment and self-actualize.

Unwrapping your gifts as they are unconditioned and limitless.

Gift exchange is predominantly used to express affection and appreciation for others, but in this context, the receiver is ourselves. Taking a metaphor of receiving a gift, unwrapping your gifts means discovering and fully embracing your gifts. These gifts are often referred to as being "unconditioned" because they are not necessarily dependent on external factors or circumstances. They are a part of who you are. Your gifts are also limitless, meaning that they have no inherent limits or boundaries.

How being with a gifted self feels and seems.

Being with your gifted self feels confident and certain in what you do. You become immersed physically, mentally, and emotionally in a state of flow, and are more open, authentic, and intuitive in your interactions. You may experience a sense of joy and growth that feels natural and effortless as you continually express and experience your gifts. Of course, these are just tiny pieces of the bigger picture.


In this season of celebration, joy, and giving, I write this poem as a gift to all the readers. As the person unwrapped the gift with care,

Preserving its origin and integrity,

The receiver was filled with curiosity,

Hoping for the completeness yet feeling unexpected.

As the wrapping paper was cast aside,

The receiver's face lit up with shine.

For this gift was the missing piece,

To the sense of self, it did release.

Embracing presence to the presents,

The receiver knew this gift was a blessedness.

A small token of love, yet oh so grand,

It filled the heart and gave self a new stand.

My gift - Jus Lim

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