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A very easy and proved

way to understand!

Left-Right Brain Intelligence

& Brain Statistics

Learning Styles and

Adjustment Recommendations

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

16 kinds of Congenital

Intelligence Strength Index Report

Parenting Method Recommendations

An Analysis of your child's mind to identify the strengths and weaknesses and to leverage on the strengths while improving the weaknesses. Be equipped with the understanding of your child's congenital personality in order to achieve improved learning capabilities, cultivate good communication and foster relationships

Enrichment Class &

Program Recommendation

Career Profiling &


Personality Traits, Conscious and

Sub-conscious Characteristics Analysis

The Sciences of Personality 

What is Personality? if we don't know way to understand it scientifically.

Individual's Personality, 
Motivation, Values and Preferences

Teamwork, Competitive, Leadership, Reliability, Stress Tolerance and etc

Talents, Intelligences, Managerial

and Sales Potential

Learning &

Communication Approach

for Career

We are all a multi-faceted being with many layers to explore. You have a truly unique combination of fingerprints, each revealing something special and unique about you. We’re about to examine inborn elements in you. These are extremely powerful because they represent the foundation on which many of your other traits & styles are based upon. 

May you always be you!

How it works

3 minutes

10 minutes

Scan all 10 fingerprints

using biometric scanner

Talents Tech AI Processors process

& analysis all scanned prints

Talents Tech AI system generated

Offline and Online Assessment  Report 

Great Reviews

We were like many parent whom still thinking should proceed with consultation? If you are still in consideration, please proceed consultation soonest as it is definetely help in progress your children.

The analysts is very professional and knowledgeable. With their guidance, I understand my children more and how to put them in the right shoe to improve their learning.

Thank you Richard, Jess and all the wonderful & friendly staffs there. The analysis report really help us as parents to understand more about our children in terms of their personal characters, strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will be the guidelines for us to follow in order to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Really highly recommended to all parents.

Through the consultation, this analysis report is also suitable for adults who want to understand themselves better.

Remark: I like the office environment and the small games that they let us play. That is how we have spent more than 3 hours in their office.

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