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Spectrum of Conversations


Deep and elevate conversations, a chance to connect with others on a deeper level and to truly be seen and heard.

From expecting to expectations. You can always choose JOYhood.

My Parenthood JOY

Welcoming your new identity - A Parent. Accept, Address and Alleviate your parenthood journey.

Their Childhood JOY

Welcoming a new life to your life - A Child. Experience, Educate and Elevate their growing up journey.

My Parenthood JOY

Re-living the moment

Re-living every first moment | Finding purpose in your life | Expanding my limits and knowledge | Being present with your child | Validating your feelings | Embracing your journey and go with the flow

Mommy _ Me DIY

"I love to stop and soak in the world through my son's eyes."

"They reminded me not to fake a smile and speak gently."

"Every conversation makes me giggle."

Their Childhood JOY

The golden years

Discovering the world around them | Explore their natural talents | Learning the parameters of their skills | Experience their emotions with them | Communicate feelings with them | Embracing their nature and go with the flow

Asian Boy

"I didn't know my little girl is a good drummer. I thought she likes piano lessons."

"I want to understand him when he is sad and how can I help"

"Bedtime story with my kids is also time for my self reflection"

A study in fingerprints speaks a thousand words for your child and you

Explore your child's world with curiosity. Embrace your parenthood with clarity.

Pregnant Woman with Mother_edited.jpg

Patterns and Potentials

Discover your parenting patterns based on your personality

Understanding your children's physical and emotional needs

Developing your children's personality based on their talents and potentials

It is in Human Fingerprints

For centuries, fingerprints study has established that an individual's innate personality and multiple intelligences are relevant and can be effectively examined and comprehended.

How to start

Scan fingeprint for pesonality test
A.I process for personality test
Personality test result

Full scanning

AI Processors process
& analysis all scanned prints

Comprehensive Report
with a consultation

Get Your Report

Talents Tech Reviews

Incredibly accurate personality types & talents report that will brighten your life at all aspects of your life.

No More Guessing

Talentstech Report.png

A Crystal Ball for Self-Discovery

Areas that unravel the uniqueness and specific abilities of you.

Personality Traits, & Characteristics Analysis

Personality Traits, & Characteristics Analysis

Career Profiling & Recommendation

Career Profiling & Recommendation

Index of Multiple Intelligences
fingerprints test for strenghts

Index of Multiple

Left-Right brain intelligence & Brain Statistics

Left-Right brain intelligence
& Brain Statistics

16 kinds of Congenital Intelligence Strength Index

Personality test for Parenting Method

Strengths Enrichment & Activation Recommendation

Our clients agree that


of their assessments are accurate and insightful


of them feel positive in their life aspects

of them would recommend this assessment to their friends & family


TalentsTech Certified Consultant
TalentsTech Accurancy

Certified Consultant

95% Analytical Accuracy

TalentsTech Instant Report
TalentsTech Consultation

Instant Report

1 - 1 Consultation

TalentsTech Privacy and Security

Private & Security Ensured

Parenthood and Childhood Matters

Enjoy every moment together

Happy Mother's Day_edited.jpg

Why early child development matters?

It's in the brain. Our brain is most receptive during the first 5 years. Knowing how to interact with your child helps parenting and bonding.

Support and encouragement as parents

Every child has different learning method. Visual, Auditory, Reading & Writing, and Kinesthetics. Knowing your child's skills helps you support better.

Sitting on Couch_edited_edited.jpg

Addressing a child's emotional needs as parents

Children start developing emotions and learning how they feel as an individual at age 1-3year. Knowing your child's emotion and reactions helps you respond better.

People Inspiring People through us

Self-discovery process at its best is to be the change and bring changes to yourself and around you. 

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials
Yee Mey reviewed Talents Tech   

We were like many parent whom still thinking should proceed with consultation? If you are still in consideration, please proceed consultation soonest as it is definetely help in progress your children.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials
Tiffany Teo reviewed Talents Tech   

The analysts is very professional and knowledgeable. With their guidance, I understand my children more and how to put them in the right shoe to improve their learning.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials

Thank you Richard, Jess and all the wonderful & friendly staffs there. The analysis report really help us as parents to understand more about our children in terms of their personal characters, strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will be the guidelines for us to follow in order to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Really highly recommended to all parents.

Through the consultation, this analysis report is also suitable for adults who want to understand themselves better.

Remark: I like the office environment and the small games that they let us play. That is how we have spent more than 3 hours in their office.

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials
Jz Kuen reviewed Talents Tech 

谢谢talents tech, 可以让身为父母的我们更加了解孩子的天赋和需要加强的方面,越早的纠正才是对他们越好,同时也让我们知道怎样的相处方式才是孩子们最适合的。工作人员全部都很NICE,解释的很清楚,赞�

TalentsTech Customer Reviews and Testimontials
Yen Yee reviewed Talents Tech 

感谢Talents Tech详细的解释让我更清楚了解孩子的个性及天赋,让我知道未来的日子该如何引导孩子向前。

Growing up with our children means growing up as a person all over again

In collaboration with


Supporting your parenthood journey with top quality products for peace of mind and pure JOY in every family.

Explore the methodology of your children's learning style & strengths and your parenting guide through fingerprints.

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