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A Coaching Space where every purpose, transformation, awareness form.

A Space for

Self Discovery

The journey from Self-discovery to Self-realisation and everything in between.


We believe self-discovery is the utmost form of awareness within us. Together, we hold a spacious space as your partner, while you embark on a journey to embrace your potential, passion, intention, uniqueness, and mastery.

Through our coaching service, you will feel supported, empowered and fulfilled while you transform your personal life and professional journey. You will also learn how to make conscious, actionable and integrated decisions to accomplish your milestones along the way.

Which areas would you prefer to have a space for?  

Example Coaching topics:

I just want to be happier and experience more joy in life.

I want to simplify my life. I’m tired of the hamster wheel.

I want to improve my confidence and improve my sense of self-worth.

I want to find a sense of balance or fit best meets my personal and family needs.

I want help to determine appropriate action steps that will allow me to meet my goals.

I want to identify and assess what my personal wants and needs are for fulfillment and satisfaction.

Airplane Above the Clouds_edited.jpg

Make space for yourself

How can we support you?

Choose a plan and trust the process

1-on-1 coaching for 3 sessions



3 x hourly coaching sessions
In Person / Zoom


For the curious you to experience the power of Coaching for the first time.

For you to closely reflect your personal or professional challenges, gain clarification and identify solutions.

For the courageous you to take a leap of self belief and act on your decisions.

RM500 hourly

Why this?
- Individuals who is seeking for alignment with what's happening and what is in-between growth and achieving their objectives.

- Develop and enhance a growth mentality, resilience, and feeling of self-awareness and being in the present moment.

- In the midst of uncertainty for a life turning point, willing to work with self-, belief-, thoughts-, and pattern-imposed limitations.
1-on-1 coaching for 6 sessions



6 x hourly coaching sessions
In Person / Zoom


For the travelling you to pause in order to realign your intention and your growth in between your missions.

For you to re-examine your beliefs, clearing up the self limitations and reroute yourself to what is right for you.

For the wandering you to come back to presentness, integrate your mind, body and awareness for true reality and being.

RM450 hourly

Why this?
- To all who want to expand their perspectives and experience a transformation in their life. a long-term engagement to self-growth and self-mastery.

- A individual who wants to embrace and trust their intuition to guide one through life's difficulties and challenges.

- Embracing initiative and responsibility, to lay a solid basis and sustain for self-driven development.
1-on-1 coaching for 9 sessions




For the self-driven you to embrace and sustain your personal and professional development with initiative and accountability.

For you to embody your potential through challenges in all life aspects through integrated intuitions within you.

For the omnipotent you to expand your perspectives and experience lifelong transformation through solid commitment for personal growth and self mastery.
Over 9 hourly coaching sessions
In Person / Zoom

RM400 hourly

A team of passionate 

Experience Coaching for yourself, Empowered by us.

Richard Leow.png
Richard Leow
Life Coach
Master Consultant
Iris Gan
Life Coach
Senior Consultant
Jus Lim
Life Coach
Senior Consultant
Sidney Ho.jpg
Sidney Ho
Life Coach
Have a Passion for Serving Others?
Yah Hui
Life Coach
Ken Low.jpg
Ken Low
Life Coach
Vivienne Lim.JPG
Vivienne Lim
Life Coach
photo_2022-08-08 15.54.45.jpeg
Wendy Chu
Life Coach
Creative Writer
Richard Leow.png

We are all gifted to serve people who want to explore and be curious of what's going on, what's great and what's not so great in life. 

There are good values and potentials that we observe and looking into our reality thru conversations and practices, which very often we did not make
space for it or simply awaiting for the moment to be supported to creating new reality for how we want our life to unfold.

"As one mountain amid a mountain range or one bird among a flock. All for a brief glimpse from the top."

Richard Leow

Who we are as a Coach

How we can help you

Delve into the Space now

1.  Invite Your Coach (Partner)

2. Take Up a Journey

3. Embark with Your Partner


Your privacy is important to us.


Have questions?

If you look for it, there is support everywhere.

可以想像穿着高跟鞋走在沙滩上的感觉如何吗? 原来自己一直是这样的模式生活却浑然不自觉。。。 直到与慧婷约好的辅导coaching过程才察觉。 回想起来真的很好笑也很好玩。

感恩有这样的因缘透过雅慧与辅导结缘,一层层的打开自己的枷锁,发现自己、相信自己可以从一小步一脚印的迈向理想的生活方式。沿途还会发现很多的美好,圆自己、家人、伙伴的和谐、幸福、平衡与创造的状态。 希望更多人发现这份美好。

She is the best personal coach you would ever get. She is that person.

You know what I mean?

Trust me!

She always leaves options wide open for you to think rather than being pushy and force you to be in a condition you do not want to be.

With her coaching, being vulnerable is never scary and most importantly you find your inner peace of mind and soul which are so unbelievable surreal as she is able to tap into your inner self which you never think before.

The transformation I had with her at the end was truly mind blowing and I am a better person each day thanks to her!

Thank you Wendy!



A recap of our client’s journey with us and what could be yours.

Integrating spaces and what is in-between.


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