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Pause. For the un-expectation.

"I have never talked to a stranger, let alone pouring my emotions and exposing my truths in front of many."

But hey! This works like magic every time! When I invite the un-expectation, magic happens.

My recent session with 8 beautiful souls might be coincidental, but is it really so?

Humans have the capacity to be kind, to give space. We might have forgotten that we actually have the capability, but when we are in a safe space, a space where there is no judgement, no expectation, we surprise ourselves.

The moments of awareness and how beautiful it is, is when as an observer, we get to uphold and witness the split seconds of a person’s knowing and not knowing about themselves, their emotional expression, letting things flow, there’s so much space for self discovery. The more you dig, the more things surface. It is a process to help us unfold the obvious yet overlooked truth about ourselves.

This is our self-love. The moment you decide to begin searching for answers, it means your loving-self urging to look. You will never know what comes out of it, but everything that comes out, just works beautifully for you. Every single step along the way is an accomplishment worth celebrating, because we are one step closer to being ourselves.

Accepting what-is is important. We always assumed there is a best version of me somewhere, and we strive to find that ideal me in life. The fact is, there are many versions of me, and each version is me. When we accept me as is, quit the self- judgement and expectations, we shall accept every side of me.

There are people who seek answers through reasons, ideals, logic. Often times, we let our brain dictates what works for us, in a most efficient way, or so we thought. Most of the time we end up living a life we resist, resend and regret so much for not choosing what the heart wants. Then we notice we have been doing it for other people, living our lives for other people, based on their expectations. What about me then? What do I want? What do I love? What do I live for? Totally neglected by us.

The answer has always been inside you, if only you'd chosen to listen to your heart, instead of your mind. Stop beating yourself for being "not the best version of me". We have our choice, we always do. When the heart wants something for you, it shall be effortless, because effortless brings joy, you will finally enjoy being you.

Pause, for the un-expectation. As a coach, I am constantly reminding myself that I needed the pause to see clarity. Allowing myself the space to feel what my heart feels, sense what my body sense. Those awakening moments I had, was life changing. So It has always been a great joy when I realised I have these life changing moments, it may be as small as learning what my favourite food is at the moment, is a eureka moment for me. Being a coach, every observation brings realisation, and every realisation enables me to enjoy the discovery process even more.

It is always a privilege as a coach, a facilitator, or even a stranger, to listen to your story. So welcome to your space, my space, our space, where we pause, accept what-is, in a series of unexpected discoveries.


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